Working out and working ... do they go together?

Everyone's favorite excuse for not working out is not having enough time.  Everyone is busy, but it seems like some people manage to squeeze more out of their 24 hours than others.  I have friends who get up at 5 a.m. to work out.  I want to do that, really, I do, but I can't, not regularly anyway.
My doctor friend, who is an Ironman, or techinically an Ironwoman, told me not to be afraid to work out over lunch time.  I asked:  what about all the sweat and messy hair?  She said,  "just change out of your work out clothes, wipe down with some baby wipes, shake out the hair, and go."  Hmmmm.  I was short on time...all optiions needed to be considered, so I tried it.  And actually, it worked out pretty well.  In fact, after a lunch time run, I have a new burst of energy.  My hair doesn't look too good, but being is a doctor is not about being ready for a fashion photo shoot, right?
So today, I tried to sqeeze in a trip to the gym before a meeting, and in fact, I had just come from working at the hospital, so was in hospital scrubs.  Time was short, so after leaving the gym, I had to expedite my cool-down.  Picture this: woman in blue hospital scrubs, driving quickly down Wadsworth Boulevard, windows rolled all the way down, air conditioning strategically placed for maximum was not pretty.  But the work-out got done, the meeting was attended and productive -- it was a win-win. 
Do my meeting mates know I had just been listening to loud rap music with the treadmill cranked up and sweat pouring down my face?  I don't know, but sometimes, you just have make time wherever you can.  Sometimes that's the only way, and it's ok ... messy hair and all.

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Thank you for your inspiration! I worked 12-hour days last week, and I jogged in our employee parking lot during my half-hour lunches. Your article was my motivation. The short jogging sessions helped me stay alert throughout the long days.